iCloud gets serious about security, now requires app-specific passwords

iCloud gets serious about security, now requires app-specific passwords
Lewis Leong

Lewis Leong

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After the embarrassing celebrity nude photo hack, Apple promised to step up its security for iCloud. Today, the company is readying its users for more stringent security measures.

Starting tomorrow, users who’ve enabled two-step verification (aka two-factor authentication) will be logged out of apps that don’t support the feature. They will have to generate app-specific passwords before logging in again. Think of app-specific passwords as a one-time-use password that’s only used in that app. This prevents hackers from using that password to access your other online accounts.

iCloud app-specific password

To generate an app-specific password, you’ll have to go to My Apple ID ( and go to Password & Security. Then click Generate App-Specific Password to log into your account. Google uses the same type of security measures for accounts that don’t support its two-factor authentication.

Users may be annoyed about getting logged out of their accounts but the increased security makes it worth it.

For more about internet security, read my article about how to protect your online identity and why you should care.

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