Identity Theft – Take the right measures

Be prepared using the right tool against Identity Theft

Identity Theft – Take the right measures
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Identity theft is a growing problem. With multiple databases available online, it’s easy for someone to use your personally identifiable information and take over your identity. When you use the internet, you use these databases to make purchases and find information. The problem with this is that as an end user, you are not even aware this is happening to you. 

Norton Identity Advisor Plus is an easy-to-use tool for online security. It provides an efficient and effective way for you to protect your personal information. It shows you the threats that are trying to access your online accounts and reports them, so you can keep your data safe.

What is identity theft?

Identity theft is the act of using someone else’s personal information to commit fraud or other crimes. Identity theft most often occurs when a person’s identity is stolen using their credit card number, Social Security number, or other identifying information. This can happen when you give your personal information online and someone steals it. It can also happen when someone uses your information to open new accounts in your name and steals all the money from those accounts before you realize what has happened.

Identity Theft

The different types of identity theft

Identity theft is a growing problem, and it’s not just people using banks or checking accounts to commit fraud. Identity theft has many faces, and so does the way that it can be prevented. The following list will explain what identity theft is, how it happens, and its real-life effects on the victim.


Medical identity theft is a kind of identity theft that occurs when someone uses your medical information to obtain medical services or prescription drugs. The problem is that there are no laws in place to prevent this type of crime, so it’s important to be aware of your personal information and how it might be used by others.


This is a type of fraud that involves the misuse of another person’s personal information to commit crimes. Criminal identity theft can be committed by stealing someone’s social security number, credit card details or birth certificate to make purchases or obtain services. This type of fraud may also involve using someone else’s name or other identifying information to open accounts, such as bank accounts and mortgages and defaulting on them.


Financial identity theft involves the theft of your personal information, such as your name, social security number, and other personal information. Financial identity theft can happen when someone uses your stolen identity to open accounts in your name or steal money from your accounts.

Theft can occur when you’re not careful about protecting your personal information. For example, if someone steals your credit card number and uses it to buy something from your bank account or make purchases online.

Child identity theft

Child identity theft is a kind of identity theft that occurs when a child’s personal information is stolen, used, or sold by someone else. The child’s information can be used for financial gain or for personal identity fraud.

In some cases, children are targeted by criminals who want to access their parents’ bank accounts. In other cases, children are targeted by pedophiles who use their social media accounts to find out more about them. In still other cases, children are targeted by kidnappers who would like to take control of their lives.

How to prevent your identity from being stolen?

Identity theft is a serious issue, and we wanted to take a moment to help you protect yourself from the dangers of identity theft. If you’re worried about your identity being stolen, there are several things you can do. First, keep all documents in a safe place at home. Second, don’t use credit cards when making purchases on unknown websites. Third, make sure that if you do get notified about suspicious activity on your accounts or bank statements, you report it immediately.

Lastly, remember that even if your identity hasn’t been stolen yet, there are still ways for someone else to steal it. So, don’t give out any information about yourself. If something does happen and someone manages to steal your identity, don’t panic! You’ll need to contact law enforcement immediately and work together with them so they can help figure out what went wrong with your personal information.

What should I do if my identity has been stolen?

If your identity has been stolen, there are steps you can take to protect yourself. First, report the theft to the police. If you’re out of state, contact your local police department and file an insurance claim with your insurance company. Second, change your passwords to something that is not easy for others to guess. You can also change email addresses and phone numbers, and keep certain numbers and IDs only for online transactions. You should also make use of Norton’s antivirus software to ensure your data is secure and no one can misuse your information.


With Norton Identity Advisor Plus, everyone can easily secure their personal information online. With our comprehensive suite of identity protection tools, users can set up customized alerts to monitor bank and credit card accounts, safeguard social media accounts from impersonation, and access a list of tips designed to help you avoid the pains of identity theft after their information has been compromised. If you’re unsure about your current defense against identity theft, we urge you to give Norton Identity Advisor Plus a try!

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