If you do this, Facebook will stop showing you everything you hate

Facebook has the ability to constantly show you product adverts and pages that supposedly are of interest to you, however it can often get it so wrong – until now.

Good news! You can now decide what you do and don’t like with the all-new “Advert Preference” option.

The Advert Preferences option is a feature within your Facebook settings, which shows your likes divided in categories. This is how it looks:


By hovering over the subcategory, a cross will appear on the right-hand side. Once clicked, that category will be deleted from your preference list and you will no longer receive ads for that category. This is a great option if you’re getting overwhelmed with inappropriate ads, such as fast-food delivery when you’re actually trying to diet.


But, how about telling Facebook what you do like? Easy! You can add categories simply by searching in the search bar above:


Did you like this trick? Check out and alter your Advert Preferences now and see what surprise are in store!

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