If You Value Your Privacy Change These Twitter Settings Now

Patrick Devaney

Patrick Devaney

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If you’re a Twitter user you’ll have no doubt seen that they’ve recently updated their privacy policy. The updated privacy policy is designed to better connect you to the types of content you want to see. Now this is fine if you don’t mind your data being shared with advertisers but if you’re not too comfortable with huge corporations sharing your personal information with each other you’d better read on.

Twitter Privacy Policy Update

The changes will take effect on June 18th and you’ll automatically be opted in so you’ll have to take proactive action to stop your data being shared. Read on…

There are 3 Big Changes taking place:

The 1st Big Change is that your web data will be stored for longer. At the moment your data is stored for 10 days but come June 18th Twitter will store all the information it collects using cookies for 30 days.

The 2nd Big Change is that Twitter is going to start ramping up how it shares your data:

“We’ve updated how we share non-personal, aggregated and device-level data, including through some select partnership agreements that allow the data to be linked to your name, email, or other personal information — but only when you give your consent to those partners.”

The 3rd Big Change is that Twitter no longer supports Do Not Track. Due to what Twitter calls an industry-standard approach it will no longer enable you to prevent advertisers from tracking your browsing history.

What can you do about it?

If You Value Your Privacy Change These Twitter Settings Now
It might be worth checking both the app and the webpage Twitter settings

Fortunately, Twitter are giving users greater control over their privacy settings so you’ll be able to opt out of all these changes if you wish. To do so, using either the app or Twitter website you’ll want to go to Settings and Privacy then click Privacy and safety and go to the Personalization and data menu. Here you’ll be able to disable or enable all of the personalization settings or simply disable those you like whilst leaving others enabled.

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Patrick Devaney

Patrick Devaney

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