iGoogle and Google Video to be shutdown

iGoogle and Google Video to be shutdown

Google has announced that iGoogle and Google Video are among several services to be shut down by the company. iGoogle fans have plenty of time to export their data because it won’t be shutdown until November 1st 2013, but Google Video will close on August 20th this year.

iGoogle is a personalized homepage where users can install widgets such as weather and news, but it has become increasingly dated. Google said of the decision: “With modern apps that run on platforms like Chrome and Android, the need for something like iGoogle has eroded over time, so we’ll be winding down iGoogle on November 1, 2013.”

Google Video was replaced by YouTube long ago and hasn’t accepted new videos since 2009, although content is still online to watch. If you have any videos uploaded to Google Video, you should be seeing a prompt like the one below when you log into your YouTube account. YouTube will automatically transfer them from Google Video when you press the ‘Migrate’ button but remember, you only have until August 20th to do this and rescue your content.

These are the two most notable services for the chop but there there are several others that will go soon:

Google Mini: An Enterprise Search tool that’s replaced by Google Search Appliance

Google Talk Chatback: A Google Talk widget that’s replaced by the Meebo bar

Symbian Search App: A search app for Symbian devices that’s replaced by Google Search

You can find more details on the Google service closures here.

If there are any services that you are sad to see go, let us know in the comments. Personally, I’ve used iGoogle for many years now and will be hunting around for another way to see all of my most important data at a glance. I also still used Google Video from time-to-time for watching the odd documentary although nowadays, there’s plenty available on YouTube.

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