Increase your productivity with mind maps

MindManager screenshotMind mapping is one of the most effective ways to increase productivity and come up with new ideas. It’s ideal for those working in teams or conducting meetings where they require the input of a team. In the old days, it used to involve a pen and paper and lots of bubbles and lines until what you had resembled a bloated tarantula. In the office, it usually involves a huge whiteboard or lots of big marker pens but I’ve found that using software such as MindManager can make it considerably more structured and easier.

MindManager is designed for brainstorming sessions, strategic thinking, and creating business blueprints for action. The aim of the program is to enable teams and organizations to work in a faster and more coordinated manner and make your brainstorming sessions more legible and meaningful at the end. The interface is simple but functional giving you options for various mapping categories such as task priorities, resources, completed tasks etc. The biggest bonus is that you can link documents, images and websites to the mind-map to give it greater meaning and depth. In addition, MindManager provides a myriad of other graphical enhancement to make sure your mind mapping sessions make more sense the day after.

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