The indestructible iPhone!

Sometimes things happen that defy belief. Not long ago, we told you about an iPhone X that still worked after it been dropped from the highest bridge in California. The screen was cracked but the fact that it still worked at all after being dropped 1,000 feet is a truly amazing thing. Well, an iPhone in Iowa has gone one better than that phone in California. It was dropped out of a plane and not did it still work, the screen didn’t even crack!

Arvinder Naberhaus was enjoying a biplane flight with one of her friends a few days ago. As the plane flew over her childhood home, she tried to snap some photos and the phone flew out of her hand. The pilot told her it would be gone forever, but Naberhaus was determined to try and find it once the flight had ended.

Once back on the ground she used the Find My iPhone app to find the phone’s location and headed off to find it. As she approached a yard, she suddenly heard her ringtone and rushed to find her phone face down in the grass. She picked it up and found not a single sign of damage. Naberhaus’s friend Donna Johnson, who was flying with her at the time spoke to WHO-TV about the moment they found the phone:

“I literally went into shock. I asked is this for real, is that the same phone and I said this is a miracle phone, you can’t drop a phone 1,000 feet and have it still work!”

The phone was completely unharmed when they found it in the tall grass!

It wasn’t long after they found the phone unharmed that it started pinging notifications for a meeting that Naberhaus had scheduled. A meeting she made on time.


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