Infinity Blade III out now

Jonathan Riggall


The iPhone 5s graphics showpiece that was first announced last week, Infinity Blade III, is available in the app store now.

The last game in a trilogy, Infinity Blade III continues where the last two games left off, with impressive graphics and screen-swiping swordplay. Not a great deal has changed for this third outing – the action is the same, indeed some of the enemies are the same.

Infinity Blade III out now

Developer Chair has set this game in 8 distinctive worlds, so there is more variety in what you’re looking at while you’re blocking, parrying and hacking away at huge adversaries. It also lets you play with two characters, Siris and the stealthy female assassin Isa.

Infinity Blade is $9.99, can be played on any device running iOS 6, and is optimized for the iPhone 5. It’s fully compatible with iOS 7 too.

Download Infinity Blade III.

Check out Infinity Blade and Infinity Blade II.

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