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Instagram, the insanely popular photo editing and sharing mobile app, announced today that web-based profiles will begin rolling out incrementally to users this week. These web profiles will bring with various features previously only accessible via the mobile app.

There are other third party sites like Webstagram that already offer Instagram users the ability to view their own picture feeds and those of other users, of course. This latest news is likely Instagram’s response to a growing user demand for at least a minor web presence in which to show off the photos they’ve taken.

Instagram already offered users a web based photo viewer back in June. You could post your photos to various social networks and link to your individual pictures this way so other users could like or comment on them from the web.

Instagram’s new features go well beyond simply letting you view individual photos by providing a full featured profile, accessible by any browser. You’ll be able to show off all of your pictures in one place on the web. The profile will include a header with all of your most recent photos, as well as a Follow button, and a chronological sorting of your photos. Users will also be able to like or comment on other peoples’ photos by clicking on an individual image. Hovering your mouse over a photo without clicking will also give you the photo’s stats, such as the number of likes and comments.

There are still some features these new profiles lack, such as a scrollable news feed and search. You also can’t upload photos directly to the web from your computer, meaning Instagram remains very much a mobile-focused app.

Instagram is rolling out the new profile pages this week incrementally. To see if your account has the new profile yet, simply type in[your username]. If yours is not available yet, keep checking back.

What do you think of Instagram’s new web profiles? Should the service have remained primarily mobile-based, or is a move toward adding more web features an ideal step forward for the company?

Amber Sass

Amber Sass

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