Instagram introduces web embeds

Instagram introduces web embeds

Instagram has always been a mobile focused product but that’s changing gradually. Today, the social network announced that users could now embed Instagram photos to web pages with HTML code.

When Instagram first started out, photos could only be viewed on devices running the Instagram app. That’s changed now with public profiles for Instagram users on the web and today’s announcement of web embeds.

To get the embed code for a photo or video, simply navigate to the profile page where its located and click on the “share” button. You’ll be given a button to “Copy Embed Code”, making simple to copy and paste the HTML code into your blog.

Attribution and privacy are at the top of Instagram’s priorities so private accounts won’t have this feature at all. For public photos, your user name will always be displayed so people know where the photo or video came from.

Did you know Softonic now has an Instagram account? You can follow us @softonic.

[Source: Instagram Blog]

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