Instagram’s new design has divided its users – but which side are you on?

Instagram’s new design has divided its users – but which side are you on?

The world’s favorite photo album Instagram continues to bring us new features: multiple accounts, longer videos, and now, an all-new completely renovated interface! The dramatic new design is already being tested on some iOS devices (perhaps you’ve seen it already?), and shows that Instagram has gotten rid of its more traditional interface we’ve grown to love over the years.


With this new style, Instagram has abandoned its original blue theme completely, adopting a much brighter and sleek design, with clean lines and bold colors – the difference is quite astonishing!

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The good news is that Instagram takes into account the views and opinions of its users: remember when they were planning on changing our Insta-feeds with content that they thought would be appropriate for us? Luckily they swiftly got rid of that idea, and trusted the judgement/uproar of its loyal users. This could indicate that if users begin to react badly to the new design (remember how many times Facebook has changed), it might not be out of the question for the app to revert back to its old style.

Sounds pretty straight forward huh?

Well, going from some of the users’ reactions on Twitter, it seems that users are very much divided on how they feel toward this drastic new change. The question is, which side are you on?

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