Internet Explorer: A fix for the Zero Day security flaw

Internet Explorer: A fix for the Zero Day security flaw

Microsoft is under a bit of fire for a security issue in Internet Explorer 9 (versions 8 and 7 too). The vulnerability, called Zero Day, can allow other people access to install trojans and other malware on your PC.

Millions of users are potentially affected by this vulnerability due to the widespread use of Internet Explorer versions 7, 8, and 9 worldwide.

Thankfully, Microsoft has released a solution to prevent possible problems related to this issue. 

To prevent yourself from falling victim to the Zero Day vulnerability, you can download a free patch directly from Microsoft’s Fix it Solution Center.

Download the file from this link.

Installing the patch is simple. Make sure you’ve closed Internet Explorer first (you’ll be prompted if you haven’t), then just follow the prompts until the patch has been installed.
This will ensure you can once again safely use Internet Explorer without fear of having your computer attacked.

Do you know any other tips to keep yourself safe while web browsing with Internet Explorer? Let us know in the comments!

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