iOS 7 coming out on September 18th

iOS 7 will be officially released by Apple on September 18th 2013 and be available as an over the air update to for iPhone 4, iPad 2 and later, iPad mini and iPod Touch 5th Generation. This is the most radical update to iOS since its release in 2007, with an all new look and feel, which will be a big change for iOS users.

The result of Jonathan Ive now being in charge of interface design, the new look eschews reflections and graphics that mimic real world surfaces, and in their place are flat, clean shapes and colors. The visual style was due a shake up, and this is a big one. Like Windows 8, iOS 7 is bold and modern looking, although iOS 7 isn’t likely to be as divisive.

The changes are not just cosmetic. There’s a new control center that you access by swiping up, which has lots of features that used to be a few taps away. Brightness settings, Wifi and Bluetooth can be accessed much faster in iOS 7. The notification center has been updated too, with a feature called ‘Today’ that tells you what’s happening today, including birthday reminders, traffic news and how many meetings you have coming up.

iOS 7 adds filters to the camera app (watch out, Instagram), while there is the brand new iTunes Radio streaming music service.

The list of updated apps is really long – almost all Apple apps have been updated with new features and functions. The only iOS 7 feature you’ll have to wait for is iOS in the Car, which synchronizes an iOS 7 device with your car’s dashboard screen. This will utilize Siri to allow hands free phone calls, messages and more.

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