iOS 8 to feature major Apple Maps improvements

iOS 8 to feature major Apple Maps improvements

iOS 7.1 arrived just yesterday but there’s already talks about what iOS 8 could bring. According to Venture Beat, iOS 8 will likely launch in the fall and will bring major improvements to Apple Maps.

The first major change to Apple Maps will be the addition of transit directions, something that was missing from the start. Transit directions will show up alongside driving and walking directions.


Another key point Apple is address in Apple Maps is data accuracy. Maps didn’t just lack transit directions but accurate location data as well, leaving one motorist stranded in the desert.

Apple was so disgraced by the lack of transit options and bugs in Apple Maps that Apple CEO Tim Cook issued a public apology. The letter told iOS users to download apps like Google Maps and Waze instead.

Apple isn’t stopping there; the company is allegedly working on augmented reality features. Users will be able to use their iPhone’s camera and compass to see virtual recreations of nearby points of interest.

Source: 9to5Mac


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