Top 3 iOS games of 2015

Top 3 iOS games of 2015

Navigating the App Store can be a nightmare, with a new influx of games every week making it near impossible to keep up. So, once a year, we like to pause, look back, and pick out our favorites to help you make sure that you haven’t missed anything you shouldn’t have.


As always, each of our Click-Swipe-Play editors have had a single choice, a fact that worked perfectly for me because it meant no one could argue with me about my choice of plant grooming game. That game is Prune, a zen little puzzler that has you loping the branches off trees to encourage them to grow towards the light.

Yes, it all sounds easy, but within a few rounds it adds in enough complexity to have you pondering how any tree has ever grown while you try to coax your plant through narrow paths towards the sun.

Football Manager Touch 2016

Maria’s choice was the recently released Football Manager Touch 2016 for iPad, a tactile take to the classic soccer management formula. This year’s installment is the first time that the series has really embraced the touch interface, making the mobile version as full featured as its desktop teammate.

The touch elements allow you to handle all of the games complexities – having you manage signings, training, dealing with the press, and every other aspect of your club with ease. In fact, the only downside of Football Manager Touch 2016 is that it’s so complex you’ll need a newer iPad to handle it.

Legend of Grimrock

Our final choice comes from Dani, who has decided on the mobile port of Legend of Grimrock. Originally a PC and Mac title, this turn-based, first-person RPG took some classic game design elements and mixed them with modern visuals and systems to create something that feels fresh on mobile.

The game has you trying to navigate your way down through the mountain prison of Grimrock. If you can reach its exit, you can go free – but your captors know there is little change of this due to the dangers that stalk the jails halls. And they are not wrong, because this game offers some real old-school challenge as you manage your team, one square at a time, down through the depths.

That is our pick of iOS games for 2015, but do check back next week for our Android list because many of those games were also in contention here. I will see you then.

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