iOS hack frees Chat Heads from Facebook

iOS hack frees Chat Heads from Facebook

Yesterday Facebook 6.0 appeared for iOS, bringing with it the new Chat Heads that were first seen in Android’s Facebook Home. The biggest difference between Chat Heads on iOS and Android is that they disappear on Apple devices when you close Facebook.

A 21 year old developer Adam Bell has hacked the app and freed Chat Heads so they can exist outside Facebook on jailbroken iOS devices. It’s not available to yet as Bell is still ironing out some bugs, but it’s been seen running by The Verge, where you can see a video of the hack in action.

Chat Heads are a big change for Facebook messages, bringing Line-like ‘stickers’ – basically huge exaggerated emoticons – to chat. Adam Bell’s hack should be available for free on the Cydia store in a few days.

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