IP management made easy

IP addressYour IP address is the only thing that distinguishes you from millions of other users on the Internet so it’s worth knowing how to manage it properly. For network administrators, it’s absolutely essential in ensuring that users can be easily identified and there are no IP conflicts on the same network.

One of the best packs for doing this is IP-Tools which brings together a collection of IP related utilities. Via a simple but easy to use interface, you can view and test advanced data relating to your own IP and TCP data or those connected to your network. IP Sniffer is a similar pack which analyses the packets sent and received by your IP which is useful in diagnosing connection problems.

Maybe you’re having trouble with a suspicious IP address invading your PC or attacking your website? If so, one way to trace them is using Visual IP Trace which shows via a map of the Earth exactly where the intruder is coming from. If the attacks are piercing your Firewall, then consider using Iparmor which looks for and blocks suspicious IP addresses on your PC. Finally, if you’re wondering whether your ISP is routing your IP suspiciously, try TraceAlarm which monitors your IP for unusual packets that are sent or received from your PC.

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