Apple’s Latest iPadOS Concept Could Change Everything: Get a Sneak Peek at the Stunning Design Here

Good ideas for an operating system that may bring many surprises

Apple’s Latest iPadOS Concept Could  Change Everything: Get a Sneak Peek at the Stunning Design Here
David Bernal Raspall

David Bernal Raspall

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In October 2022, Apple released iPadOS 16, a version that incorporated features we had been waiting for a long time, such as support for secondary monitors, Stage Manager, some new apps and much more.

Now, with WWDC 2023 just around the corner, the question is what will happen with iPadOS 17? We could certainly talk about iOS 16 as well, although perhaps it is in the iPad operating system where we will see the most changes. To the question, Parker Ortolani has tried to provide an answer, who has created a concept that illustrates how Apple might approach iPadOS 17.

What’s new in Mission Control, notifications and Apple Pencil?

Stage Manager was a great addition to iPadOS 16, but it can go even further. Taking clear references from the Mac’s Mission Control, Parker proposes interface improvements to, for example, be able to divide the screen into a preset grid. A kind of template in which to place two, three or four apps without having to resize them manually. He would also redesign the app selector to, in addition to showing us the apps we have recently opened, show us the Stage Manager workspaces available to us.

Right now, these ideas are little more than concepts, but the truth is that multitasking on the iPad has a lot of room to grow. It’s a key element of the differentiation between iPhone and iPad and something that also brings iPadOS closer to the Mac operating system.

Another aspect that Parker has worked on is the lock screen. A screen very similar to that of the iPhone, but that on the iPad, because of the size of the screen, could display more information. In addition to adding the widgets we already know from iOS 16, this design suggests a combination between the notification center and the home screen, which would allow us to see more information at a glance.

Something similar suggests these mockups for the home screen. Mac-style download folders in the Dock and add a quick view mode for widgets. Also consider the ability to save files and folders to the iPad home screen, just like the desktop.

Finally, Parker proposes the addition of the Apple Pencil Dial, which would allow quick access to tools and shortcuts. Something that, together with the Hover function that is already officially available on the iPad Pro M2, could have a very simple access -simply by holding the Pencil close to the screen for a few seconds- and would allow us a wider range of possibilities. This is how Parker describes it in one of his tweets:

“The iPad Pro gains the Apple Pencil dial. The dial will appear when you hold the Apple Pencil over certain items in apps. It provides shortcuts and quick access to tools on the go. And combined with the new iPad Preview app, it enables faster and more efficient document editing.”

While this is just a concept, the idea behind iPadOS 17 is promising. Apple has always been way ahead of the curve in interface design – and accelerating in AI with Siri and ChatGPT – and has shown us its ability to give functionality to the system and apps without cluttering the interface or overwhelming with options. Much of what is proposed in this concept goes precisely in this direction, that of nesting options that we can access when we need them without having to have them visible all the time.


While GPT-4 surprises us by creating applications for the iPhone, this concept of iPadOS 17 is proof that with Apple’s way of designing, the margin for adding new features to the operating system of our iPad is enormous. What will the improvements be? We will have to wait for WWDC 2023, which will take place next June. In any case, concepts like this one give us a lot of hope.

David Bernal Raspall

David Bernal Raspall

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