iPad Pro Ups Creativity and Gaming Prowess

iPad Pro Ups Creativity and Gaming Prowess

The iPad Pro offers not only a super large screen but also the potential of using an iOS device for proper business productivity. While the number of apps that take proper advantage of the devices large screen are low, there is strong promise here. Combine this with the cloud enables apps for Office and Google documents and the iPad Pro is a substantial game changer.

Beyond the screen, the device offers a new keyboard connector. This provides both power and data to connected peripherals and makes possible a Microsoft Surface style super slim keyboard that doesn’t require power.

The jewel in the crown here is the Apple Pencil. This may surprise some but using the stylus to draw, paint, and design is simply a delight. It’s super responsive and feels well balanced in the hand. Lay the tip on its edge and you can move from point-work to shading. All round it’s the best stylus I’ve used.

For gaming too the iPad Pro is a stand out device. As you can see in the comparison below, load up a game like Skylanders and it scales to take full advantage of the processor and screen. This really is a play-anywhere console style experience.

While the iPad Pro isn’t the cheapest professional tablet on the market it’s an impressive first entry into the space from Apple and will only improve as the iOS takes more advantage of that massive screen real estate.

Family Technology Expert: Andy Robertson

Andy Robertson is a freelance family technology expert for the BBC.

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