1. STOP doing it wrong

    STOP doing it wrong

    The 7 most common mistakes you make when job hunting

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  2. Infallible strategies!

    6 tips for selling online (and making more money)

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  3. Get your dream job!

    How to create the perfect CV to land a job

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  4. Go faster!

    6 quick and easy tricks to speed up your computer

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In depth

Apple Music vs Spotify vs Tidal

Don’t know which music streaming service to pick? You’re not alone. With Apple Music, Spotify, and Tidal competing for your hard-earned cash,...


Beginner’s guide to eSports

Even if you haven't picked up a controller in years, there’s a good chance you’ve heard of eSports. Because of the rise of online multiplayer...

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7 tips to get lucky online

7 tips to get lucky online

If you’ve celebrated Valentine’s Day alone more than once, don’t worry: there’s a solution. Here at Softonic, we’re hoping you find...

  • In depth

Review: OnePlus 5T

Review: OnePlus 5T

Original article provided by areamobile.de The 5T from the Chinese smartphone manufacturer OnePlus is a high-end device with the new...

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