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iPhone X 2018: The model with LCD screen will increase production

Today´s news is all about the future iPhone X. According to recent rumors from the Wall Street Journal, Apple is placing all its bets on the LCD model and increasing its production.

The phone is expected to make a comeback, and with good cause: the iPhone X 2018 will be split into three different models. One equipped with an LCD panel, and the other two with OLED technology. However, it´s the first one that most interests us since, according to the Wall Street Journal, Apple has stepped up the pace on the production of these mobile screens, aiming to make it the most accessible model of this 2018 batch.

Such news would suggest that Apple predicts strong sales for the 2018 iPhone 8 with LCD screen. We are also talking about a sales price in the $800 ballpark.

We will undoubtedly see a decline in the price of iPhones with OLED screens, especially for those in 2019, when the technology becomes less expensive. The Cupertino-based company will be able to afford to do so once it no longer depends on Samsung (who recently had one of their phones burn a car).

As a reminder, the production cost of OLED screens for Apple by the Korean giant is around 100 dollars for each iPhone X. It would seem that the American manufacturer would do itself a favor by using LCD screens in the 2018 iPhone X, without mentioning all the users who would be attracted by the model’s more accessible price.


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