IRL Glasses prevent you from seeing LCD and LED screens

Every day, we’re bombarded with media. You go to a bookstore to read and there are TV screens playing the news, or you ride your bike to the park and see LED screens advertising the newest weight loss supplements. Suddenly, your day of being screen-free and unplugged goes right out the window. Luckily, a new set of stylish glasses could help you get back on track.

IRL Labs are the creators of these cool new IRL (in real life) Glasses which are made to block out LCD and LED screens. This way, if you want to catch up with a friend, you can go out and enjoy your day without the glaring distractions of computer and television screens. The glasses are marketed toward people who are addicted to tech and want to go back to the good old days where face-to-face communication was valued more – it gives a whole new meaning to “facetime.”

irl glasses screenshot

Not only do they block out screens, but they’re UV 400, which essentially means that they work as a regular pair of UV blocking sunglasses as well.

The creator of the glasses, Ivan Cash, says that he spent over a year researching the proper materials to make the glasses. The Kickstarter page had a $25,000 goal that was reached and quadrupled in less than half the time set aside to earn the money – at the time of this article, $131,000 in just over a week from launch.

The inspiration for the glasses came after Cash saw the 1988 film “They Live.” In the movie, an unnamed traveler realizes that people are being controlled by aliens, who are pumping them with subliminal messages placed in ads and mass media.

We’re nice and comfy having free will, so we’ll definitely be checking these glasses out when they’re out on the market.

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