Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No it is a Hot Dog Delivery Drone

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No it is a Hot Dog Delivery Drone

Having just got back from lunch and still feeling hungry I’m a little worried about my 2017 fitness goals. Progress has been a little strained recently as my resolve has been cracking under the summer sun. Unfortunately, there might soon be another sky-based threat to my bulging waistline that I’ll need to worry about.

We’ve recently seen Drones delivering pizzas as well as Amazon talking about dropping our purchases from the sky using parachutes. Well Oscar Mayer want to get in on the act and start delivering their hot dogs using drones.

The Weinerdrone is one of number of new vehicles being added to the Oscar Mayer Weiner fleet. Others include the Wienerrover, Wienercycle and Wienermini. With their new fleet Oscar Mayer are promising to get hot dogs to you unlike anybody else can and the Wienerdrone has the specs to back up that claim.

The Wienerdrone can fly a whopping 2,400 hot dogs (end to end) high and promises to get you your hot dog in only 15 mins. That bold promise is backed up a pledge to fall out of the sky with empty batteries if it can’t get you your hot dog within 15 minutes.

What a truly magnificent world we live in. Now all I need is a drone to fly me to the gym to make up for the extra air based hot dogs I’m going to eat.

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