Is Microsoft about to get rid of its most iconic program ever?

Paint is the classic Windows program that has been helping us doodle since the beginning of time (1985 to be precise). Although Paint has given us 31 years of good moments, it seems all that could disappear very soon. Can you imagine a life (or a PC) without Paint?

Although Microsoft hasn’t confirmed that the idea is on the cards, there are many clues that indicate that Paint will soon be history. A user recently stumbled upon a new project by Microsoft on Paint’s help page called “Plumbago”, which appears to be a hybrid between Paint and OneNote. According to the filtered data, this new replacement program would be designed to work better on touch screens and would be compatible with a stylus and other peripheral equipment.

Apparently Microsoft realized the leak, and promptly erased the information from the help site. Could this indicate that they are hiding something before an official announcement?

Whether Paint is about to disappear or not, we need to start making make the most out of our special moments with Paint, before we lose it forever.

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