Do These Photoshopped Images Tell Us What the Founding Fathers Really Think of Trump?

Do These Photoshopped Images Tell Us What the Founding Fathers Really Think of Trump?

Photo-editing technology these days is able to manipulate images so perfectly that you can’t say for sure whether they’ve even been edited in the first place. We’re assuming that the images that follow have been manipulated, but you can be the judge.

The Oval Office in the White House is a room of huge historical significance. It is where the President of the United States works day in day out in his capacity as leader of the USA. The current occupant, however, seems to be at constant loggerheads with the principles that have guided his predecessors.

From unconstitutional travel bans to border walls and verbal attacks on Gold Star families, it seems at times like Trump is on a mission to drag the office of the President through the dirt.

Well, the Presidents of yesteryear are not happy about it, and they’re prepared to break protocol to show their dissatisfaction. The paintings of them that hang in the Oval Office have started to change. At least this is what one skillful graphic designer is trying to show with these viral images.

What the Founding Fathers Think of Donald Trump

1. Flipping the Presidential Finger by George Washington

2. The Facepalm by Andrew Jackson

3. I Can’t Take any More by Thomas Jefferson

4. The Orange W@*#er by Alexander Hamilton

It would be great be if these paintings really had morphed themselves into showing their disdain for Trump’s antics, but we all know they haven’t. Fortunately, we have Photoshoppers on hand to provide us with the light relief we need to get through daily realities of the Trump presidency.

If you’re interested in trying your hand at photo editing but can’t afford to pay for Adobe’s expensive design suite you should check out these excellent free graphic design tools.

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