Is today your lucky day?



Lucky Days logoI’m not a betting man but I am occasionally superstitious so if I do have a flutter, I try to pick the right time when the cosmos is lined-up in my favour for the 3.50pm at Chepstow. Now, there’s no knowing when that time is usually – often if things are going in my favour I’ll strike while the iron is hot. However, the developers of Lucky Days claim they have an all together more scientific way of predicting when is the optimum time for you to place your bets.

They claim that a 29-year study of gambling and astrology revealed that certain peak moments occur when the planets are aligned in your favour. This program was made famous through the British BBC TV2 show, ‘Dave Gorman’s Important Astrological Experiment‘, where Dave would act on the advice of several astrologers, while his twin brother (20 minutes younger) would not. During that time Dave took sports bets on two of the lucky days suggested by the program and won a total of UK 1050 Sterling (about $1600). His twin brother meanwhile, made no extra money during this time.

Convinced yet? If not, you’ve got nothing to lose by giving it a whirl. Just enter your birth date and a few personal details and let us know if you hit the jackpot with it.

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