It seems Android has two new threats from Apple to deal with

It seems Android has two new threats from Apple to deal with

It looks like Android could have a seriously big problem with the newly-announced iPhone and iPad Pro.

For starters, Android lacks a mobile equivalent to the iPhone SE. There isn’t a single high-end Android device with a 4-inch-screen – last year, not a single mobile was launched last year from Android with a screen like this.

And we must not forget that the new iPhone comes with that unbeatable promise of “The iPhone for $399”, that’s bound to catch many an eye. The iPhone SE has brought us a mobile with a better quality/price than the iPhone 6, with very few differences between the capabilities of the two.  It’s an affordable new iPhone, not an old iPhone for a good price – who can argue with that?

Something similar has happened with the iPad Pro. The issue is that over the last year, Android have failed to bring us a single good tablet (with perhaps the exception of the Google Pixel C). The article has noticed that the market for tablets was in the decline, yet here ‘s Apple, introducing their new tablet, with a fancy “Pro” surname, with an even more expensive price than the others.

So, could this mean the end for Android?

Of course not. But, the situation isn’t ideal for Google’s Android. Android has lost the advantage of entering the 4-inch smartphone market, and they certainly won’t be breathing life into the tablet market any time soon (thanks to Apple). The solution is just as obvious as it is difficult: Android must find something else to focus on and master – but they need to act quick.

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