From forgotten to infamous: the Jedi that became the most hated character in Star Wars

The most hated being in the galaxy has returned as he deserved to the series of Pedro Pascal and Baby Yoda

From forgotten to infamous: the Jedi that became the most hated character in Star Wars
Chema Carvajal Sarabia

Chema Carvajal Sarabia

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At the dawn of the 2000s, American director George Lucas decided it was a good idea to revive the space trilogy that had made him a millionaire and renowned filmmaker. This meant filming the first three chronologically: The Phantom Menace, Attack of the Clones and Revenge of the Sith.


And the reviews were generally good. And we say overall because there was one character that stood out for the worse in the new trilogy: Jar Jar Binks. In a rather daring story arc where almost everything worked, the charismatic character from Naboo received more hate than anyone deserved. Lucky there was no social media back then.

Although the character was nothing more than a comic relief for the youngest (The Phantom Menace wanted to be a gateway to more children to the franchise), many unconditional fans saw in Jar Jar Binks an insult and a lack of respect that in The Mandalorian they wanted to fix.

An injustice that would be fixed 23 years later

This hatred poured for more than two decades is not something that Star Wars is alien to. From the very beginning, George Lucas defended the character and, above all, the actor who played the doe-eyed Gugan: Ahmed Best.

This actor had to bear the burden of having played the worst character in the history of a franchise worth billions of euros. You never recover from that. And if not, just look at his career: 20 years almost blank.


A special message from Ahmed Best. #TheMandalorian

♬ original sound – Star Wars

Luckily, within the new Star Wars (where Jon Favreau is making oil out of very burnt sagas) there is someone who wanted to pay tribute to this character. The way? Bringing the actor back in The Mandalorian.

Although this time he doesn’t play Jar Jar Binks, but a new and mysterious character with a lot of connection to the Force (let’s leave it there, we don’t want to make spoilers). The last chapter is to let out a tear or two.


Not everyone was ready to see the return of a character that many of us love (and so many others hate), so giving a tribute to the actor who for so many years had to endure ostracism and hatred from the industry and fans seems to be the fitting end that Ahmed Best and Jar Jar Binks so deserved. Just go to Disney+ to watch the episode.

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