Joost 0.9 – final release edges closer

Joost 0.9 – final release edges closer

joost-beta-logo-1.pngYes folks, the latest version of revolutionary peer-to-peer TV app, Joost, is now out and it includes some pretty important new features, as well as a handful of invitations for anyone already testing the program.

Certain little annoyances in the program’s interface persist. You’re forced to uninstall your previous version as a part of the install process, though the installer does take care of this for you. Also, some users are still a bit confused by the system for browsing channels, not all of which are automatically activated in your ‘My Channels’ listing. My advice is to explore the program thoroughly: it’s still a beta, after all.

Joost’s roster of channels is increasing rapidly, to include such stalwarts as MTV, VH1, Comedy Central and, er, The Diddy Channel. Unfortunately most of the big-name channels are limited to US users only, no doubt for licensing reasons. Let’s hope that some agreements can be reached to extend availability of these channels… it’s tough knowing there’s an entire stream of Ren and Stimpy which I can’t access.

Latest additions to the interface include a new registration and login module, which even current beta testers will need to complete the first time they run the program. You can now sign up for a username, which will be essential when the full social elements of the app come to the fore. All beta testers have also been issued with five invitation tokens to allow them to share the year’s hottest piece of software with friends.

If you haven’t had a chance to try Joost yet, don’t forget that our contest for invitations is still running. All you need to do is give us one good reason why you think you deserve an invite. The best entries will receive an exclusive invitation from insideTonic!


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