Just how fast is your internet connection? Find out right now

Netflix has just launched a brand new website that’ll tell you exactly how fast your internet is.

Fast.com was introduced on Wednesday, and is a free website that will quickly tell you what speed your mobile or broadband connection is currently running at.

This free tool (although there are many already on the web), will help you to establish why your videos are not streaming as effectively as they should be – and may help you to identify if whether or not the internet speed is what you’re paying for.

The American company confirmed on their blog that it was launching the ad-free service in the hope to provide its customers with an easy and concise method to determine their internet speed.

Although they’ve already had the Netflix ISP Speed Index in place for some time, Fast.com “measures your personal Internet connection at any given time”, no matter where you are in the world.

Give it a try here!

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