Keep New Year resolutions all through 2010

Keep New Year resolutions all through 2010

Keep New Year resolutions all through 2010The end of a year and the beginning of a new one include a bunch of traditions: family dinners, special toasts, endless parties and of course, New Year’s resolutions.

Whether you take them very seriously and try really hard to accomplish them, or you think it’s just another useless holiday tradition, it’s something we’ve all done at some point in our lives. And believe or not, technology can also help you keep those resolutions all throughout 2010!

Here’s a handful of programs and online tools that you can use as an incentive – or a simple reminder – in order to make these three traditional New Year’s resolutions come true.

  • Quit Smoking – This is not only the most repeated resolution every January 1st, but also a healthy choice any smoker should make. For those of you who have already made up your minds, Quit Counter can be quite useful: a small app that keeps track of various statistics and displays customizable inspirational texts to encourage the user every time you reach a milestone.
  • Get Fit – Another popular New Year resolution that usually ends up being forgotten after two months. If you actually want to do more than just paying a monthly gym fee, SportsTracker can lend you a hand. This tool lets you record your sporting activities, no matter what they are. You can create as many custom categories as you need, and generate diagrams and statistics with your results.
  • Learn a New Language – It may be difficult to find time to study a new language, but I assure you it’s worth it! Plus, having software like Lingoversity makes it even easier. This program helps you pick new vocabulary and improve your pronunciation in several foreign languages with an innovative that motivates the student and makes learning actually fun!

Besides desktop software, there are also a few online tools that can work as reminders or encourage you to keep your resolutions all through the next twelve months. One of them is 43things, where you can create a list with your resolutions and see how many people share them with you. Another handy online app is Habitforge, which uses email to help you turn your resolutions into habits – according to them, it takes only 21 days!

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