Keep your Internet chats confidential

Chat client logoIf there’s one thing it’s hard to keep private nowadays, it’s online chatting. With so many loopholes, chat clients and key loggers out there, it’s very easy for anyone wanting to track your conversations to do so with a little know-how. Of course, most of us don’t have anything to hide but when it comes to work or confidential matters, and if you suspect something fishy is going on during your conversations, then there’s no reason to take risks.

There are several highly secure chat clients that make a much better alternative than mainstream offerings such as Windows Live Messenger and Google Talk. One example I rather like is Eyeball Chat because it’s very simple, it’s not bloated with emoticons and it allows video conferencing all over an SSL server. ScatterChat meanwhile takes things to a slightly higher level offering you even greater levels of SSL protection and best of all, anonymous chatting so that if anyone did ever trace your conversation, there would be no way of proving it was you.

BitWise Chat meanwhile claims to be even stronger offering incredible 448-bit and 2048-bit RSA encryption to make sure that about the only people that will be eavesdropping on you are the CIA or NASA. Khadira Chat Client offers you the added bonus of allowing you to send FTP files securely via SSL during your chats while X-Chat may look simple, but it supports unlimited group conversations and is available in almost 40 languages.

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