Keep your PC cool this summer

speedfanDoes your PC have a fan which sounds like a 747 taking off or are you worried that your hard drive is over heating? If you thought there was nothing you could do to control this little component, then you were wrong. There are a number of handy utilities out there that can help you monitor both your PC’s temperature and fan.

One of the best is Speedfan which monitors the temperature levels of your CPU and hard drives and warns you if they reach a critical level. It can change your fan speed accordingly but note that this only works depending on the type of sensor chip and hardware inside your PC. This has the added bonus of not only preventing meltdown, but reducing noise and power consumption of your PC. Speedfan can even control fans that are connected to external motherboards and hard drives that support S.M.A.R.T.

If it’s just monitoring that you’re interested in, then you can’t do much better than Everest Ultimate Edition which goes way beyond Speedfan in terms of the amount of information it provides about your system. This program is particularly useful if you’re testing your PC under different conditions as it can perform benchmark tests on your CPU and hard disks, measuring their temperature along the way.

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