Keep your texting a secret with Private Writer

With their crisp bright screens, iPhones are easy to read from quite a distance. I am always conscious on the subway that strangers could easily read what I’m writing if they wanted. Private Writer allows you to hide the text on your screen so you people can’t snoop at your personal messages!

Private Writer is really simple – it gives you a space to write, and if you look carefully you will see your text is actually present, just very very faint. This makes it practically impossible for others to see what you’re typing! Be warned though, that once you’ve finished and you want to export your text, whatever application you choose will show your message clear as day. However, you can send your SMS or tweet fast enough that noone will be able to catch what you wrote.

Download Private Writer and you’ll be able to send a text about that strange smelling person on the train without worrying if they are watching you!

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