Keeping your Nokia up-to-date

Keeping your Nokia up-to-date

0.gifIf you’re lucky (and wise) enough to own one of Nokia’s newer handsets, you can now upgrade your phone’s firmware with Nokia’s Software Updater application. This smart, simple tool automatically detects your the model and firmware version of your phone, checks online for new versions of its system software, downloads and installs updates as and when needed.

Simply follow the on-screen prompts as the app guides you through connecting your phone, detecting the current software version and installing or reinstalling any available firmware editions. The whole process takes between five and ten minutes.

There are, however, some important elements of updating your software that you’ll need to remember. For example, Nokia insists that you back-up the entire contents of your cellphone before you attempt to initiate any kind of update. This is no suggested step: your phone’s memory will be erased during the update, so back-up your address book and message archive at a bare minimum. They also warn against disconnecting your phone from your computer while completing the update, citing the possible risk that your phone may not work again. We decided not to test their accuracy on this one.

If the idea of having the very latest firmware on your phone appeals, or for reasons of security you consider it a must-have, then the Nokia Software Updater offers a surprisingly user-friendly, well explained solution. Just be careful not to ignore Nokia’s strident warnings about data loss and corruption: you might find youself with a bigger upgrade on your hands than you bargained for.

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