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Elena Santos

Elena Santos

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Being a sucker for keyboard shortcuts, I was surprised to read on The How-To Geek that Facebook has its own set of keyboard combinations – and I didn’t know about them!

Not surprising, though; I don’t use Facebook that much, and when I do, I just check the Wall for the latest updates and rarely browse any other section. But just in case you’re interested, here’s the list of all currently available keyboard shortcuts for Facebook.

Alt+1: Facebook’s homepage

Alt+2: Your Facebook profile page

Alt+3: Friend requests

Alt+4: Messages

Alt+5: Notifications

Alt+6: Account page

Alt+7: Privacy settings

Alt+8: Facebook’s page on Facebook

Alt+9: Facebook Terms of Use

Alt+0: Facebook Help Center

Alt + ?: Enables Search

Alt+m: Compose a new message

These shortcuts work best on Chrome. If you’re using Firefox, you have to add Shift to the Alt combination, and if you’re using Internet Explorer, you need to press Enter after each combination. Who knows, maybe these keyboard shortcuts will help you become more efficient while browsing the least productive website in the world…

Elena Santos

Elena Santos

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