Khan Academy, Adobe Photoshop Fix, and more recommended apps

Khan Academy, Adobe Photoshop Fix, and more recommended apps

In this week’s Five Apps, we have four new apps selected by our editors, and one fantastic community suggestion for you to download and try.

We start with the intriguingly titled LuckyTrip (iOS). This is a travel app that helps you select a holiday by blind luck. It then does the planning for you so you can book and enjoy your vacation – all hassle free and in-app.

Second is Khan Academy (Android). Some of you may already know this educational tool, but it has just debuted on Android. Giving access to 1,000s of instructional videos – with subjects as diverse as programming and history – this app is perfect for every curious person.

Next we have Adobe Photoshop Fix (iOS), an app that makes making the perfect picture child’s play thanks to its suite of editing options. You can even save your changes to Adobe’s Creative Cloud for further tweaking in Photoshop or Lightroom.

Our fourth pick is The Path To Luma (iOS|Android), a gorgeous puzzle game that has you solving problems across 20 beautiful worlds to save the galaxy. All of which makes it well worth a look – so the fact it is completely free is just a bonus.

The final selection is picked by community member, Oscar Felip, who thinks you should try Xender (iOS). It is a handy little file sharing app, that lets you sync files and photos between up to four Android, iOS, Mac, or Windows devices with ease.

That’s it for this week, but next time we are changing the format and making the show themed – and next week that theme is photo albums. So, if you have a favorite app to organize and display pictures let us know in the comments and it might be next week’s user selection. See you then!

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