Kindle Unlimited offers unlimited ebooks and audiobooks

Kindle Unlimited offers unlimited ebooks and audiobooks

Amazon officially unveiled its latest subscription service today, this time for books. Kindle Unlimited offers all-you-can-read-and-listen for $9.99 per month. It also includes thousands of audiobooks from Audible (owned by Amazon).

One interesting feature of Kindle Unlimited is the ability to pick up where you left off, even between ebooks and audiobooks. You can start reading on your Kindle Paperwhite (or from the various Kindle Apps) and transition seamlessly to the audiobook in the car. Only a handful of books support this feature at the moment.

Kindle Unlimited completes Amazon’s quest to create subscriptions for all of its content. Amazon Prime members have “free” access to unlimited music and video streaming. Kindle Unlimited, however, is not included in the price of Prime ($99 per year).

Kindle Unlimited book examples

Amazon’s library currently consists of over 600,000 ebooks and over 2,000 audiobooks. Compare that to Audible’s 150,000 library of audiobooks, Kindle Unlimited’s offering of 2,000 audio books is ironically limited.

However, Amazon is giving Kindle Unlimited subscribers a free three-month subscription to Audible. Unlike Kindle Unlimited, an Audible subscription lets you keep audiobooks even after you cancel.

To see what books are available with Kindle Unlimited, check out their official site at the source link below.


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