Square Enix celebrates 20th anniversary by announcing Kingdom Hearts Missing Link

Leri Koen


Square Enix decided to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Kingdom Hearts franchise in style by announcing not just one, but two new Kingdom Hearts games, namely, Kingdom Hearts 4 and Kingdom Hearts Missing Link. Fans are over the moon and can’t wait for these new games.

One of the games is a mobile version spin-off called Kingdom Hearts Missing Link. This mobile Kingdom Hearts game will be available on iOS and Android devices. This game will be a stand-alone title with an original story, but knowing Square Enix, there may be some connection to the mobile game and Kingdom Hearts 4. In the mobile game, players will be able to visit multiple locations across Scala and Caelum. The only other information we have at the moment is that there will be a closed Beta test in 2022.

Square Enix celebrates 20th anniversary by announcing Kingdom Hearts Missing Link

The next game announced is the release of Kingdom Hearts 4. This fourth installment of the popular series sees the beloved main character, Sora, finding himself in a strangely modern city reminiscent of a modern-day Shibuya, Tokyo. Kingdom Hearts 3 saw the end of the first arc known as the Dark Seeker Saga. Sora and his friends finally beat the evil Xehanort. However, by winning the battle against this villain, Sora is transported to a new reality, which is where he wakes up in Kingdom Hearts 4 and starts on a new arc called The Lost Master Arc.

The new world, Quadratum, is expansive and one of Square Enix’s most realistic and modern worlds in Kingdom Hearts to date. Shortly after waking up, Sora meets a new character called Strelitzia, and the city gets attacked by a massive kaiju-sized heartless. Sora immediately jumps into action, doing what he does best. This installment uses new grapple mechanics, enabling Sora to scale large buildings and swing across alleys to defeat the enemy. 

If you’re wondering if we’ll see some of our favorite characters, you can bet on it. Both Goofy and Donald Duck will be joining the game later on. They are searching for Sora when they become threatened by Hades from Disney’s Hercules when the team gets reunited.

Although it’ll probably be between one to two years before Kingdom Hearts 4 will be released. Hopefully, the mobile game will come sooner to keep us occupied before the big release. To find out more about Kingdom Hearts 4 or Kingdom Hearts: Missing Link, look at the official website here.

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