Trailer for Sony’s H1Z1 revealed with Konami code

Trailer for Sony’s H1Z1 revealed with Konami code

The first trailer for Sony’s upcoming zombie survival online game H1Z1 has been revealed on the game’s official website. Although it looked empty, fans discovered that by entering the famed ‘Konami code’ while on the site, the trailer was revealed along with a very strange image. See them below.

H1Z1 was announced early this month, and is a massively multiplayer online game. It bears an obvious similarity to DayZ and RUST, with the main difference seeming to be it comes from Sony Online Entertainment, who have a great history with creating online games like Planetside 2. H1Z1 will initially be released on PC and PlayStation 4.

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The ‘Konami code’ dates back to 1986, when it was included on the NES version of Graduis, as a way of getting the full set of power-ups. thus making the game much easier. It has since appeared in many games, and can be activated on a gampad like this: ↑↑↓↓←→←→BA.


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