Last chance to grab BumpTop for free!

Last chance to grab BumpTop for free!

bumptoplogo.pngWhen Google decides to buy the rights to an application then you know they’ve got some big plans in the pipeline. This time they’ve bought BumpTop for Mac and BumpTop for Windows – a relatively anonymous free application which adds 3D aspects to your desktop. You’ve got exactly one week to still obtain the application for free before it is taken offline completely and Google start work on transforming it.

BumpTop turns your desktop 3D so that you can switch from one side to another depending on what you want to do or what you’re working on. However, BumpTop is much more than just a flashy desktop app. It helps you in a variety of other ways from allowing you to put sticky notes on your desktops to a powerful search tool for finding files and folders. One particularly handy feature is the ability to create piles of files and folders in order to keep your desktop more organized although this has largely been made redundant by the introduction of Stacks in OS X.


In an announcement on the BumpTop website, the developers said:

More than three years ago, we set out to completely change the way people use their desktops. We’re very grateful for all your support over that time — not just financially but also through all the encouraging messages from people who found BumpTop inspiring, useful, and just downright fun.

Today, we have a big announcement to make: we’re excited to announce that we’ve been acquired by Google! This means that BumpTop (for both Windows and Mac) will no longer be available for sale. Additionally, no updates to the products are planned.

It’s clear that Google are thinking 3D desktops are the way forward but whether or not it will remain free remains to be seen so hurry up and download your free copy from Softonic today!

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