Last day to get free Lonely Planet iPhone guides

Last day to get free Lonely Planet iPhone guides

Lonley PlanetAttention all travelers: today is your last chance to get free Lonely Planet guides for iPhone and iPod Touch. There are thirteen different guides up for grabs, which would normally cost between five and ten dollars. But hurry, because the offer ends today!

The guides can offer you an invaluable insight into what to see and do in the Europe’s best-loved cities (most of which are now accessible now the ash has finally lifted). The destinations included in the deal are: Amsterdam, Barcelona, Berlin, Budapest, Istanbul, Copenhagen, London, Moscow, Munich, Paris, Rome, Stockholm, and Vienna.  For some reason, the Vancouver guide is also included in the deal. Perhaps Vancouver is now regarded as an honorary European city now?!

For each of these destinations, the iPhone Lonely Planet guide offers a wealth of useful information about its culture and its people. Each guide has its own bumper database of information about local attractions, bars, restaurants and points of interest. It would be a shame to miss out on this awesome deal!

Thanks to our colleagues at OnSoftware France for the tip-off. See you in Paris, guys!

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