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The latest features of Adobe Acrobat Pro

The latest features of Adobe Acrobat Pro
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For a long time now, many people have only viewed Acrobat as a PDF reader or basic editor. As with the sands of time, things change, and so has this program. Adobe has released some new updates that took effect this month with incredible features. If you have the Adobe Acrobat Pro free trial, you’ll also be able to check them out.

Adobe indicated on its blog that the new updates will affect the Adobe Acrobat Pro desktop app and the online cloud system. The new features are available for both, but you apply them in different ways. The latest tools include creating a web form, branding your account, collecting payments online, and requesting signatures in bulk.

As you can see, Adobe Acrobat has moved away from simply opening a PDF document. The web form tool lets you quickly create a form that you can embed onto your site. While there are templates you can use, they’re easy to adjust with other details. From there, your visitors can complete and submit.

The latest features of Adobe Acrobat Pro

Many email and online signatures look bland with only variety in the font type and color. Adobe Acrobat Pro now lets you add your logo so you can brand your electronic signatures quickly and easily. Not only can you place them at the end of emails, but there’s a section on forms where you can also attach them.

The latest features of Adobe Acrobat Pro

You should already know about the ability to add spaces for signatures on forms as a previous Adobe Acrobat Pro update. Now, you can also ask for payments on your forms and documents. It’s almost like a call to action where it reminds the reader to make payment for your services.

The latest features of Adobe Acrobat Pro

Sticking with signatures, you can now request them in bulk from several recipients by sending them to various email addresses. While you only send one version, each recipient will receive a unique copy. It saves you time having to create a version for each person.

The latest features of Adobe Acrobat Pro

These new features are incredible, and it’s another way that Adobe strives to make your life and work easier. However, you won’t be able to see many of these tools with a standard Acrobat Pro DC download. 

Be sure to check out the Adobe Acrobat Pro free download to get a taste of what you can do.

FAQs about Adobe Acrobat Pro

Is there a free version of Adobe Pro?

At the moment, the only free version of Adobe Acrobat Pro is the free trial. You’ll have seven days to test all the new features of this PDF toolkit, giving you a taste of what you can accomplish. Once the trial period is over, you’ll pay for the subscription based on the option you selected before the trial.

Try Adobe Acrobat Pro for free FREE TRIAL

What is the difference between Acrobat Pro vs Standard?

While the standard version provides you with the standard tools, it excludes the more advanced features. For example, you can edit your PDF documents, create and sign forms, add passwords, and track responses. With Adobe Acrobat Pro, you can convert PDFs to different formats, redact confidential information, compare documents, and add branding to your signatures and forms.

Is it worth it to buy Adobe Acrobat Pro?

The best part of Adobe Acrobat Pro is that it’s designed to make the professional’s working life easier. The PDF toolkit is incredibly comprehensive and easy to use, giving you the power to deliver quality services and documents. Also, it has several security measures to ensure that only the intended recipients view confidential information.

Can Adobe Acrobat Pro help with productivity?

Have you ever had to work in different free programs for one task? Thankfully, Adobe Acrobat Pro helps improve productivity and efficiency by combining several functions in one app. You don’t have to stress about deadlines when you have this all-in-one solution.

Is Adobe Acrobat Pro a one-time purchase?

At the moment, you can purchase Adobe Acrobat Pro with monthly or annual subscriptions. There are pricing plans for individuals, businesses, and students, with the last option only available in select locations. The annual option lets you pay once-off for an entire year before the renewal kicks in.

Several solutions at your fingertips

I suspect this won’t be the last feature we see for Adobe Acrobat Pro. The company is set on ensuring you receive plenty of tools to work on your tools in one central location. Maybe it’s time we return to this familiar, trustworthy brand and see how it’s much more than a PDF editor today.

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