Latest Firefox 4 Beta version released today

Amber Sass


Mozilla has just released Firefox 4 Beta 9, the latest version of their popular web browser for Windows and Mac computers. With the final version of Firefox 4 currently targeted for a late February release, this newest update of Firefox 4 mostly just includes basic tweaks and bug fixes.

Users should see improved browser start-up and bookmarking speed, since Mozilla has overhauled the bookmarks and history code. Similarly, the efficiency of complex animations has been improved by enabling per-compartment garbage collection.

This new version of Firefox 4 Beta also boasts an interface that includes redesigned browsing buttons and tabs relocated to the top of the address bar. In addition, Windows Vista and Windows 7 users can look forward to a single-button menu on the top left corner of their browser that makes toolbar commands even more accessible.

Before the final version of Firefox 4 is made available, there is expected to be one more beta version released, as well as a few release candidates. Interestingly enough, it’s possible users might see a final build of Internet Explorer 9 around the same time. In that case, February just might turn out to be the month a truly epic battle of the browsers.

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