Launcher button replaces Google’s black menu bar

Lewis Leong


Google is ditching its iconic black menu bar at the top of the page for a launcher button instead. The redesigned Google falls in line with the company’s visual style for all of its apps and services. The search bar, now called the “Google bar”, has been given more room with voice search, notifications, share button, and your profile more room. The company has added a launcher button, which looks like Google’s Chrome App Launcher, to access other Google sites and services.


Launcher button replaces Google’s black menu bar

In addition to redesigning the Google bar, the company has also “refined the color palette and letter shapes” of the Google Logo, which means the iconic Google logo has been flattened.


The update to the Google bar will be rolling out over the next few weeks so it may be a while before you get the updated look. For more information, check out the source link below.


Source: Google Search Blog

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