Leaked Dead Space Footage shows a possible rumor confirmed

Leaked Dead Space Footage shows a possible rumor confirmed
Carol Vanzyl

Carol Vanzyl

At the end of 2022, rumors started about a collaboration between Fortnite x Dead Space, but it has not been completely confirmed. However, it does appear that it may happen sooner than later.


SPOILER ALERT – The leaked info may contain details you don’t want to know yet

Leaked Dead Space Footage shows possible rumor confirmed

Even though this rumor does not come from an official source or Epic Games, it was leaked via Twitter by the reliable and popular @ShiinaBR. According to him, January 23 brings an Item Shop rotation, and the crossover will have an Isaac Clarke skin and other aspects. The possibility of more content may arrive with the crossover.


CONFIRMED: Isaac Clarke will be available on January 23 at 7 PM ET!

– Plasma Cutter Pickaxe

– Back Bling 1: Has an HP bar that changes based on health

– Back Bling 2: Glows blue when you take no damage and glows red when you take damage

Perfect timing from Epic Games with the scheduled release for The Dead Space remake in a few days, and the franchise excitement is high. There is confusion, and fans are surprised that they have not confirmed the crossover officially with the expected release upon us. But perhaps the Item Shop rotation will hold all the answers.

It is essential to remember that these are rumors based on leaks; therefore, until there is official confirmation from Epic Games or until it arrives in-game, you should treat the information as just that – a rumor!

Carol Vanzyl

Carol Vanzyl

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