‘Leaked Doom 4 video’ is fake

‘Leaked Doom 4 video’ is fake

Doom 4 was first announced in 2008, so you can forgive people for getting impatient. A YouTube video has appeared on the game trends site N4G, called ‘Is this leaked video from Doom 4 trailer?’. The answer to that question is ‘no, it’s not.’

If you don’t look too closely, the bleak alien landscape might look Doom-ish. Take a look.

An eagle eyed user called Akilwari recognized the footage from a Sci-Fi short called ‘Archetype‘, by Aaron Sims.

Doom developers ID Software last shipped Rage, which didn’t capture people’s attention like Doom did in 1993. It’s reported that Doom 4’s development would follow Rage, but nothing has been seen or heard from it since.

Many fans are hoping for a move away from the claustrophobic corridors of Doom 3, and a return to the wider spaces of the first two games. This may explain why people would jump on this fake video’s big landscape.

We’re certainly excited about a new Doom game, and we’ll keep our eyes open for any genuine information about it!

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