Leaked: Facebook may help you make money with your posts

Leaked: Facebook may help you make money with your posts

Facebook could allow you to make money with your posts. The webpage The Verge has discovered that the social network has recently sent out a survey to some users regarding the possible ways they could profit financially from Facebook, offering new options for tips, branded content, etc.

The survey also asks users to indicate their interest in a “call to action” button – a new way to ask followers to leave a tip or a “sponsor marketplace” where you can get in contact with brands and create economic relationships in order to feature products and services in your posts.

It is unclear as to whether these options will be made available to all Facebook users or for those who have a significant amount of followers or meet certain requirements.

Facebook’s latest moves indicate the company’s interest to allow a number of users to benefit financially from promotional tools – for example, in February, the company began its campaign that allows every user to use Instant Articles.

Here you can catch a glimpse of the survey Facebook is currently offering:

Facebook wouldn’t be the first social network to enable its users to profit from their work. For example on YouTube, fans can financially support those they follow (although this option is hidden).

Stay tuned for more info as soon as it’s released!

Source: The Verge

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