Learn all of Gmail’s secrets

Tips for GmailGmail is probably one of the most popular email clients, not only among online services, but also among desktop applications. It’s fast, easy, reliable and provides more than 2 GB of space for your messages. But there’s more to Gmail than just reading and forwarding emails. This excellent tool has some hidden tricks that you may not be aware of which will definitely improve your Gmail experience. In any case, if you know any other great tip that should be included in this list, don’t hesitate to share it with us in a comment!

  • If you want to select multiple conversations simultaneously, check the first one, then press Shift and check the last one.
  • Press Shift while clicking on “Compose Mail” and it will open the new message in a different window. This is especially comfortable when you want to review several emails while writing your answer.
  • Use advanced search features to obtain better results. You can search only messages from a given sender by adding “from: name” to your keywords, for example. See the complete list of search operators.
  • You can use Gmail chat to reply a friend’s mail as soon as you see them online. If they go offline, just keep on messaging, as they’ll receive the whole chat in their inbox. Both chat messages and mails are saved in the same thread.
  • If you receive an attached document or spreadsheet, you can open it with Google Docs. If it’s a presentation, Gmail lets you view it as a slideshow. And if there are several photos, you can tell Gmail to zip them all and download a single file.
  • When replying or forwarding a message, change the subject field and you’ll immediately start a new thread. This is very convenient when conversations change topic and you want to keep your inbox as organized as possible.
  • Gmail Contact List is more than a name and an email address. Click on Contacts and you’ll be able to create a complete entry for each contact, including a photo, phone number and personal notes.
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