Learn more about your computer’s specifications

Elena Santos


Knowing how fast your PC is or how much RAM it has shouldn’t be information that’s limited to übergeeks. Having a clear idea about your system hardware specifications is important, and may come in quite handy in different situations: when trying to sell your computer to someone else, buying a new videogame or checking the system requirements of that huge program you’re about to download, to name but a few.

While Windows does offer this data, it’s not always easy to find. It’s scattered all over different system areas, and you usually have to browse quite deep in system menus and submenus in order to find it. Luckily there are some applications that do the hard work for you, digging out the information you need and displaying it in a nice, user-friendly way. Here are some of these system analysis tools you can use to learn more about your computer’s capabilities:

  • PC Wizard – Though it’s perhaps the most complex tool in this list, PC Wizard makes up for it with an outstanding analysis of your system, focusing mainly on hardware. It also shows information about the process0r’s activity and offers many benchmarking possibilities to put your computer to test.
  • Belarc Advisor – This analysis tool scans your system upon start and displays the results in your default web browser. The list is so detailed that newcomers may find it  a bit off-putting. With a little time however, you’ll find tons of interesting and useful information in it, covering hardware, network settings, software versions and more.
  • Speccy – Developed by the creators of CCleaner, Speccy features a nicely designed interface and it’s probably the simplest of the three. On the downside, it doesn’t include as many options as the two previous ones. It does have a useful snapshot function that lets you save system snapshots for future reference.

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